Human Trafficking

(image: Prostutution and human trafficking, por: WSCF LicenciaCC)

According to the United Nations, the most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation. Women and girls are objectified and are treated like they do not worth. Many of them are transported from poor and non-developed countries to more prosperous countries but also these peoples are trafficked in their natal country. Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Additionally, the government of some poor countries and were sexual exploitation are seen like something normal, receive an amount of profits from these organizations. The problem is Human Trafficking and sexual exploitation. It’s very difficult for me to establish a clear solution, keeping in mind that this is a global problem and there are people with a lot of power involved. Despite this, I found some solutions for Human Trafficking that can be helpful. The solutions are fundraising, volunteer, be aware of the signals of Human Trafficking, hold events to raise awareness, boycott products and companies that permit trafficking and, stay informed. In addition to all the awareness, the government of countries that does not have laws for this problem have to implement laws that help eliminate Human Trafficking.  

Human Trafficking is an abuse of human rights and it is called the modern slavery. This occurs when people are forced to sell their body a product contrary to their will. This type of situations can be found in residential brothels, clubs, online escorts services, fake massages business, strip clubs and, also street prostitution. In addition, a common way of getting victims is by offering them a job opportunity, can be on their country o in a more developed one but in the majority of the cases is in others countries.

 Once they meet the trafficker or the victims are out of their country and without their family, the person in charge take away their passport and subject them to rape and force them into their new “job”.  

The people that is affected by this problem directly are the families of the victims. They do not have the opportunity to see their daughter, mom, son, or another member of the family. Sometimes mothers gave their daughter to the traffickers but in other occasions they are taken away or sometimes the trafficker confuse them and that hurt even more for a mother perspective. Furthermore, the victims can suffer plenty of different mental and physical disorders. 

The audience that are indirectly affected are us, we recognize the problem and in some kind of way suffer but we do not motivate ourselves to do something about it. Even though exist a million things that cause this problem, the most common one is the poverty. Victims who are searching for an opportunity on their country and sometimes they decide to search for those opportunities out of their country for more possibilities and trying to getting out of the poverty, that is the moment when they enter indirectly in the industry of sex trafficking. The government of those non-developed countries can create opportunities of jobs, study and guarantee people a secure environment, that can be a solution. 

Given these points, a realistic time frame to solve the problem would be 2 to 3 years. There is a abundance of legal things involved that take time. As I said before, there is a big quantity of countries that does not have any rule that condemn human trafficking, that is why the government have to implement new rules against the problem. However, exist countries that have the rules but they do not enforce it. On the other hand, the people all over the world has to be educated about this topic, not only enforcing the law but enforcing people to volunteer and raise awareness. People should be aware of the signals and also boycott products and companies that permits human trafficking. 

A real life experience and example that volunteer can help is “Prevent Human Trafficking”. This is a non- profit organization founded in 1999. Through this organization people can do summer internships programs in Thailand. Since their founding their team has been working in Thailand and United States, preventing human trafficking, combating this global crime against humanity. Through these type of experiences people can become more conscious of the problem also help those women and children’s who need help. Similar to this organizations exist more with different methods of helping but with the same goal of helping. 

In conclusion, human trafficking is a real and global problem. With all the solutions I just mention above the world can see a change on this industry. I can not guaranty anybody that the problem would be gone forever but I can say that we will see a difference. anybody should suffer and be a victim of these massive organizations that the only thing they do is to impart pain, hunger, mental disorders, physical diseases and other horrible things.  We have to unify all of ours strength to fight this crime. 

Toda esta información fue sacada del libro: Esclavas del poder de Lydia Cacho.

La autora del libro es escritora y periodista, nacida en Mexico. La mayoría de sus escritos giran en torno a los derechos de los seres humanos. Aquí su página de internet donde encontarán más información sobre el tema. link


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