The Birth of Venus

This masterpiece belong to the Italian Renaissance, the origins of this movement can be traced in the late 13thand early 14thcenturies. Italians artists evoked an interest in ideals of ancient Greece and Rome. The artist was Sandro Botticelli, an Italian painter with a vigorous style of painting. The birth of Venusis the tittle for this art work. Christian themed paintings were frequent in Middle ages, for that matter exposed human body was rarely portrayed and sometimes damned by the religion. The Renaissance led to a different interest and another perspective of human body and with it an era of body shameless. Through line, color, texture, value and space Sandro was capable of represent the mythological believes in classical Greece and Rome.  

Sandro Botticelli used lines practically everywhere, to show the beauty that surrounds goddess Venus. We can recognize lines in the texture of the water. He painted a curved white line to create the illusion of mysterious waves in the blue ocean. Another, important detail that has lines is Venus, Zephyrus, Aura and Pomoka shiny and long hair. Through this we can tell that Sandro was an enthusiastic of long hairs, because of the delicacy he put into it. Sandro, was a detail lover. An illustration of this, is the effort he put on the trees, by including the value element on the tiny yellow and white horizontal lines. In addition, this specific lines I mentioned can also be found on the plants, the clothes, the wings, the leaves and the sea shell.

This mythological representation is created using colors. There is a mix of primary and secondary colors, each one with their tone, shade and tint. Sandro created a painting were the cold colors complemented the warm colors. To create the water he used blue, green and white just to make that impression that the water is very clear and clean. Also, he used the space element in the green shade to make a depth perception on the background of the painting. Additionally, with a tint of the blue color Sandro painted the sky like a storm was coming, but used tone to make it seem like there was a bright light coming down from heaven and bringing a little bit of happiness with it. 

As well, the illusion of texture is very abundant in the painting. Clearly he was a master in making texture. Botticelli, used texture to ensure the feeling of the air. It is like he wanted us to feel the breeze just at looking at the painting. We can see texture in the water and also appreciate the waves he made with lines. Additionally, a very notable texture is on the sea shell were Venus is standing. The shell has curved ends in the border and all the curved lines meet at the center. Equally, the hair also seems to have texture with the beachy and wavy style it presents. This painting is all about texture. 

In the same way the painting has color, we can also find value. This painting isn’t a paint were all the colors are plain. Sandro, composed a paint with a variety of values. He included a green shade and made the nature seem darker. There is a certain emphasis in Venus, with the value he wanted to accentuated the action, the birth. As well we can see a notable use of value on the stomach of Venus, it has a contrast of light and dark colors. In this painting we can appreciate value, it has contrast in every single detail. 

Another element of art that is represented in this painting is space. Space is in multiple ways part of an art work. In this painting the space is represented on the ocean and in the land that meet the ocean. It has a perspective that seems to be further back in the canvas. The painting has that interpretation of depth, giving us an illusion of a neverending sky and land. 

In conclusion, Botticelli gave us an incredible piece of art. Is an art work that we know very little about but we enjoy every detail. He brought lines to another level showing us what he was capable of doing. Without using colors this mythological masterpiece wouldn’t let us perceive the beauty of Venus and how she came to this world. Also, he did an incredible job using texture, giving the painting some special effect from the air. As well, as value making us appreciate the magic he did by playing with the lightness and darkness of every color. Finally, the space that he created gave the illusion of depth, but at the same time a perspective of a flat canvas. Through this analysis we can say that Sandro Botticelli was a truly painter and everything he did was from the bottom of his heart. 


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